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Meet Our Family

Homer, Julie and Mag. We are a multicultural family of three currently set in the Midwest region of the United States. But we haven't always been here. And we don't always stay here. Between us, we have lived in nine states and five countries, and have visited a total of 46 states and 13 countries. But this is just the beginning...

Meet Homer

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

The soft-sanded beaches of his native Cebu, Philippines encapsulate Homer's earliest travel memories. But a move to Los Angeles as a teenager proved adventure enough for a time, and travels were put on hold. It wasn't until we married and moved to the Midwest that wanderlust hit Homer again. He now routinely plans family day trips into Chicago, weekend trips all around the Midwest, and researches upcoming trips to the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond, all while maintaining a career in strength training and developing a new-found passion for photography.

Homer's short-term travel goals:

  • Spain: experience the food and nightlife of Barcelona
  • France: navigate the arrondissements like a true Parisian
  • Caribbean: explore the history and present of the Caribbean coffee culture

Meet Julie

Admiring the Mother of Pearl mosaics at the Chicago Cultural Center

Admiring the Mother of Pearl mosaics at the Chicago Cultural Center

Spending summers driving and camping around North America instilled wanderlust in Julie from childhood. But it was a year abroad as a high school exchange student that truly defined Julie as a world wanderer. In the 20-plus years since her Great Travel Awakening in New Zealand, Julie has bungee jumped in two countries, ridden horses on three continents, and white-water rafted down four rivers. After working five years in The Happiest Place on Earth and one in a National Park, Julie took a hiatus from travel to pursue more daring exploits: career and motherhood. Now returning to travel, Julie is enjoying life back on the road and in the skies, this time with a family.

Julie's current travel vision:

  • Spain: complete a multi-week language immersion program
  • Appalachian Trail: conquer a few more miles of the AT
  • Canada: explore Alberta's National Parks

Meet Mag

Hiking Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Hiking Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Mag is a typical 8 year old, with a slightly global twist. Everywhere she goes, Mag is constantly listening for other languages being spoken, trying to discern which language she is overhearing. When abroad, Mag's normally shy demeanor falls away, and she doesn't hesitate to jump into the fray and join local kids on a playground, or try a few words in the national language. Travel has also turned Mag courageous in the areas of unknown foods and even adventure sports, at the 8-year old level, of course. Both when traveling and at home, Mag is almost always listening to music, usually drawing pictures, and sometimes venturing into photography with Homer.

Mag's travel wishlist:

  • Caribbean: a 7-day Disney Cruise
  • Walt Disney World: begin with the water parks, and then do everything else!
  • California: visit Sea World

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