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Work With Us

We provide a range of services, tailored to your destination's needs and budget. We are thrilled to offer:

  • written blogs with pin-worthy images

  • "live tweets" during a visit

  • Instagram take-overs

  • B-roll photos (images of smaller moments and/or behind-the-scenes peeks)

  • relevant product reviews

  • ongoing promotion of a destination following a visit


Want to know more? Check out what destinations have said about working with us!


Partner Testimonials


Brad Donati, Marketing Manager, Raging Waves Waterpark, Yorkville, Illinois

Open Wide the World has been phenomenal to work with the past few summers at Raging Waves! They've helped us build creative content and messaging for our social channels resulting in higher engagement rates with our followers. Open Wide the World was vital in helping launch our two new attractions for the 2018 season, helping build content and capturing stunning photos of the finished products. I'd highly recommend Julie, Homer, and Mag and look forward to our continued partnership into the future!


LaShelle Mikesell, Marketing Manager, Visit Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan

Having worked with a number of bloggers and writers, our CVB found working with Open Wide the World to be among our favorite of these experiences. Open Wide the World was prepared, organized and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Their content was relevant, well thought out and generated good engagement on social media. Not only did they post during their visit and promptly after their stay, they continue to interact with Visit Muskegon; mentioning us in tweets and posts and engaging with our content.

We heartily recommend Open Wide the World for anyone looking for great BGC.


Toni Alexander, Communications Manager, Visit Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri

As a CVB who works with bloggers and writers on a regular basis, I really enjoyed working with [They were] professional, organized and thorough. Not only did they turn around their blogs before the deadline, they also did posts/blogs on other attractions in the city and exceeded the requirements. I would absolutely host Open Wide the World again.


James Cardis, Director of Marketing, Aurora Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Aurora, Illinois

Working with Open Wide the World has been excellent. Julie was the first travel blogger to take a serious interest in our destination and has been a reliable advocate for the attractions and events that can be found in our area. Her writing is strong, with a clear, consistent voice, and has definitely helped us to get our message to a wider audience.


Lindsey Nemcek, Marketing Manager, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa and Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

[The Open Wide the World] family was easy to work with, quick to communicate and went above and beyond expectations for content. Julie and Homer are skilled photographers and their tweets and Instagram photos featured the experiences during their visit in such a positive light. We continue to use their images in our marketing portfolio. Not only did they post during their visit and promptly after their stay, they continued to feed posts about their experience months later. [They were] a joy to work with.


Rebecca Stein, Director of Operations, Lou Dog Events, Naperville, Illinois

We were very happy to have collaborated with Open Wide the World for the Naperville Ale Fest-Winter Edition. Their posts were exactly what we were looking for. We hope to collaborate on future events!


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