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Don't just enjoy your coffee; understand your coffee!

The Three Waves of Coffee

 FIRST WAVE  Coffee gets to consumers in cost-cutting quantities, generally after having been produced via cost-cutting measures.
 SECOND WAVE   Coffee growing, harvesting, production practices and quality first hit the radar of coffee companies, coffee shops and coffee consumers.
 THIRD WAVE  Farmers practice sustainable production. Buyers seek direct trade with farmers. Roasters learn each bean's profile. Baristas elevate brewing to a craft. Consumers seek each cup's story.

Our Current 5 Fav Coffees

Savoie, a dark roast blend by La Colombe Coffee Roasters

The Modest, a medium-dark roast Honduran by Modest Coffee Roasters

Hunapu, a medium roast Guatemalan by Red Beard Coffee Traders

Ethiopia Kochere Natural, a light roast Ethiopian by The Roasterie

Storyteller Nitro, a cold brew by Pilcrow Coffee

Runners Up

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, a medium roast Honduran by Fresh Ground Roasting

Corsica, a dark roast blend by La Colombe Coffee Roasters 

Suarez Cauca, a Colombian by PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

Our Fav Coffee Experience

The Nitro Flight at Pilcrow Coffee, Milwaukee

How We Brew

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This is the equipment we use for brewing coffee at home.

We use the Baratza grinder for all beans. For brewing, we alternate between the Chemex, Aeropress and French Press.

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