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Basic Timeline of Beer in the U.S.

1580s-1840s  Colonists brew beer at home, initially with corn.  Small, local breweries begin to appear.  Beers are primarily heavy, English-style ales.
1840s-1900  German immigrants bring new brewing yeasts and methods to the U.S.  Cities see neighborhoods full of breweries.  Lighter, crisper lagers become popular.
1920-1933  Prohibition!  Some larger breweries stay in operation by producing legally permitted "near beer," under one-half of 1% alcohol.
Prohibition - Today  Beers sees the same evolution as coffee and chocolate: First Wave gets cheap beer out to the masses; Second Wave companies improve quality; Third Wave values quality and craftsmanship in beer.

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Our Current Fav Craft Beers

Northwind Imperial Stout, by Two Brothers Artisan Brewing

The Wolf Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, by 3 Sheeps Brewing Company

Station #1 American IPA, by Oswego Brewing Company

Mayan Mocha Stout, by OddSide Ales


Beer Fest Log

Quad Cities Craft Beer Fest ∙ May 12, 2018


20+ local micro & nano breweries. Lots of great beers. Along the Mississippi. With free parking. And a manageable sized crowd. A perfect annual kick-off to National Craft Beer Week!

Beer of the day: Dirty Blonde Chocolate Ale, by Great River Brewery

Naperville Ale Fest - Winter Edition ∙ February 24, 2018


More than 150 American craft beers, an infusion tent, a limited edition cask tent, and hot hard cider. All in the great outdoors. In the Midwest. In the winter. Enough said!

Beer of the day: Hipster Brunch, a bourbon, maple & bacon stout, by OddSide Ales


Beer Basics

comparing ale vs. lager style beers
the 10 steps to brewing beer
A bit about hops
beer's 4 basic ingredients

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