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Gelato Mini Journal for Kids - FREE Printable

Gelato is a highlight of anyone's trip to Italy, but especially for kids! Make the memories last longer than the sugar rush with our fab, FREE and fun Gelato Mini Journal for Kids

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This fun gelato mini journal includes:

  • a cute cover to color and illustrate

  • a list of important Italian phrases for ordering gelato

  • unlimited pages for recording each gelato experience, including:

    • date and location - Location can be city, gelateria's name, or gelateria's address.

    • cup vs. cone and number of flavors

    • list of flavors

    • a 5-star rating scale

    • space to draw the gelato or gelateria

    • space for an additional note - Kids might enjoy jotting down their own note such as "delicious," "refreshing," or even "icky," or commenting on the gelateria, as in "good view of the Colosseum" or "funny servers," or whatever your child dreams up.

  • a summary page to record the top three gelato flavors tasted on the trip, plus the strangest, as well as the location of each

Easy, no-prep printable

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Then print one copy of Page 2 for each child. (Page 2 includes the cover, the Italian phrase page, one gelato recording sheet, plus the summary page.) 

Next, print as many copies of Page 3 as you will need for your trip.  (Page 3 has four additional gelato recording forms. So if you will be eating gelato every day on an 8-day trip, print two copies of Page 3 to get eight recording sheets.)

Finally, cut each page along the lines into four 1/4-sized pages. Staple along the top. Grab some colored pencils, and you're ready to taste some gelato and have your kids record the experience!

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Available in more fun colors and sizes!

Available in more fun colors and sizes!

A special "Grazie!" to Luke Pancoe for the Italian translations used in this journal. Luke is the creator of Italian in Your Pocket, an online language learning course that teaches you to speak conversational Italian in just a few months!

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