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Open Wide the World Through Books: December 2018 Edition

Our family spent 2018 reading books together aloud that transported us to times, places, cultures and events from throughout history and from around the world. After reading a book, we completed an extension activity, allowing us to connect further with the concepts of each month’s book.

And now, as 2018 comes to a close, we review each family member’s favorite book from 2018. Check out our top three faves below, then let us know what books you’d recommend!

In this year-long series, we shared family-friendly books on travel, world cultures, history, and anthropology. Check out our favorites from 2018. Then share your suggestions, too! #books #tweens #openwidetheworld

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mom Julie’s pick:

A Night Divided

by Jennifer A. Nielsen

East Berlin, 1960s

Julie says: Several books come to mind when I try to pick a favorite from the year. There are two that I might have found more impactful at the time of reading; nonetheless, A Night Divided is the book that I would be most inclined to read again. For that reason, I chose it as my favorite of the year.

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dad Homer’s choice:

The Ravenmaster’s Secret

by Elvira Woodruff

Tower of London in 1735

Homer says: I’ve always liked “dark” storylines and anything with suspense.

This book had all that (at a tween-approrpiate level), plus a good build up of the plot, and an author who made us feel like we were right there in the story.

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10 y/o Mag’s fav:

Genevieve’s War

by Patricia Reilly Giff

France, World War II

Mag says: This book was fun to read because I’ve been to France, and part of our family is from the same part of France where this story took place. I also liked learning about WWII.

This was an exciting book and I really liked the characters, too.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this series in 2018 and found some great books for your family to enjoy together!

We’d also love to hear any suggestions of books your family has loved.

Share your recommendations in the comments!