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World History Through Timepieces + JORD Watch $100 GIVEAWAY

Personal timepieces. Something so ubiquitous can feel like it has existed since, well, the beginning of time. 

And yet, it has only truly been a few hundred years that we humans could carry our own time measurement devices with us, and on our wrists for barely more than a century.


Of course, humans have been devising ways to track time since the birth of modern civilization; archaeologists have uncovered sundials dating from 3500BCE in ancient Mesopotamia.

From there, Greek and Roman traders spread the concept of the sundial around the Mediterranean during the last few centuries BCE.

Mechanical time pieces

Over time, questionably efficient water clocks, candle clocks, and even incense clocks were developed in Europe. And in the 13th century, Chinese and Muslim astronomical clocks -more accurate due to their use of weights and pendulums- arrived in Europe.

But at the dawn of the Golden Age of Exploration -a period of a few hundred years beginning in the 1400s, when European explorers sought new trading routes, wealth and adventure- ships were still using the old sundial to track time at sea.

Finally in the 1500s, devices using springs appeared in Europe, bringing with them a new era of reliable time measurement. Mechanical advancements allowed for smaller and smaller design, such that in the 1600s, the first personal pocket watches were made. Five thousand years after the first community sundial, measuring of time finally became available to the individual.

These personal pocket watches remained the average person’s primary mode of time-tracking for 300 years, right up until the end of the 19th century.

The Wrist Watch

In 1868, the first wrist watch was produced. Designed for a Hungarian countess, the wrist watch quickly became popular among women, but gained little traction with men.

It was the need to coordinate action amongst soldiers that eventually brought the wrist watch to favor with military men. And by the end of World War I, the wrist watch had almost universally replaced the pocket watch amongst civilians as well.

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